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Regional Atlas Committees (RACs) and Ambassadors

To ensure quality of data for Kenya Bird Map

Data quality is important for the project as we want to ensure that the records that finally get used in the production of the atlas are as accurate as possible. The RACs primary responsibility, therefore, involves the vetting (verification) of any out-of-range records that get flagged during the submission process. Working closely with the national vetting team, they will be very helpful in helping to confirm rare sightings in their regions.

The committees are made up of bird mappers in a region, with a nominated regional ambassador, who have an intimate knowledge of the region's birds and who therefore have the ability to assess and adjudicate any rare or out-of-range sightings that are recorded as part of the atlas.

To coordinate regular atlasing efforts in each region and fill gaps in the coverage

Getting the best possible coverage is going to be hugely beneficial to the way in which the data will be interpreted. The better the coverage the better our analyses will be and the better the conservation outcomes of the project.

RACs, in conjunction with bird clubs and local birders, will play a key role in trying, as much as possible, to promote the atlas as far and as wide as possible in each region and coordinating activities (e.g. mapping outings, atlas days, trainings and workshops) to assist atlasers with field protocols, data submission and identification of gap areas.

RAC contact details  

Below are the contact details for the Kenyan RACs. Should you have any queries regarding mapping, rare and out-of-range bird records or would like to discuss an atlasing related issue in your region please contact them directly. You may also contact them to plan a local mapping outing in your area.

Region (s)

Ambassador (s)

Observer No.

Contact details

Nairobi and Kiambu Counties Mr. Peter Wairasho 12969, +254 722 336 456
Nyandarua County Mr. Dominic Kimani 12974, +254720402439
Nakuru County Mr. Joseph Kodonyo 40094,+254722 572068
Western Kenya Region Mr. Kassim Shitawah 12979, +254722665962
Siaya and Kisumu Counties Mr. Brian Ochiago 40338, +254707745957





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